1. Tru-Touch™

    This commercial-grade massage system utilizes three separate motors to provide the most satisfying hand-like massage from neck to lower back. The remote interface has been rated for 2 Million presses. Enjoy with peace of mind.

  2. Adjustable/Removable Neck Pillow

    This innovative feature adds extra comfort and support. These neck pillows are adjustable to easily fit every person's needs and also removable.

  3. Aurora™ LED Color-Changing Bowl

    The Aurora™ bowl illuminates 7 different colors turning your salon into an array of beauty; or you can program it to illuminate one color. Alter the mood of your salon with a touch of a button.

  4. Digital Control System (DCS)

    This advanced system allows technicians to adjust the client's seat without bothering them. From the DCS panel, technicians can also control the Aurora bowl - setting the mood in your salon.

  5. Ultraleather®

    Proven to withstand many uses over time, Ultraleather® is the most luxurious, highest performing upholstery on the market; not to mention, it is easy to clean and acetone resistant.

  6. Calf Support

    The calf support gives your technician the ability to provide higher quality service while creating a more comfortable experience for both technician and client.

  7. Auto-Fill™ System

    Working reliably since 2007, with the flip of a switch, water fills to the appropriate level and activates the whirlpool process UNATTENDED saving you TIME and MONEY! Now works with disposable liners!

  8. Ecojet™ Magnetic Drive

    Distinctively designed to operate stronger, quieter and cooler to withstand long hours of usage in a typical nail salon. Ecojet™ is UL listed and backed with 2 U.S. utility patents giving you and your clients confidence in having a sanitary and relaxing pedicure service.

  9. Ecojet™ Disposable Liner

    Your clients will appreciate the extra care taken to bring them a more sanitary experience from using disposable liners.

  10. EcoAir™ Ventilation Ready

    Easily attach your salon ventilation system into pedi-spas and nail stations with the aesthetic and functional EcoAir™.