At Lexor, each pedi-spa is equipped with Smart and Standard Features to support and simplify your workflow while allowing

your technicians to spend more time focusing on clients because we believe every pedi-spa should make your job easier.

  1. Tru-Touch™ Massage

    Ensure clients leave your salon fully pampered with a most human-like massage that combines pressure point control, kneading, tapping, and vibration to improve blood circulation, alleviate pain and restore and maintain the body's energy. 

  2. Adjustable/Removable Neck Pillow

    Enveloped in premium Ultraleather® Linen, this feature adds extra comfort and support to an already luxurious experience.

  3. Aurora™ LED Color-Changing Bowl

    Color is one of the languages of the soul; it has the power to influence our mood and emotions and impact our sense of well-being. Set the tone in your salon with Aurora™, an LED color-changing bowl that illuminates 7 different colors turning your salon into an array of beauty.

  4. DCS™ (Digital Control System)

    This Smart system allows for total control of the pedispa without disturbing your client. Functions to adjust the seat, turn on Tru-Touch™ massage, and set the aura in your salon are all at your fingertips.

  5. Ultraleather®

    An elegant balance of comfort, quality, and durability, Ultraleather® is tougher than genuine leather and has superior resistance to peeling, punctures, and rips. Ultraleather® can be cleaned with acetone, alcohol, bleach, common industrial cleaners, and is virtually stain-resistant.

  6. Calf Support

    A true design with technicians in mind. The ergonomic calf support eases strain on the client and technician, creating a more enjoyable and comfortable experience.

  7. Auto-Fill™ System

    An exclusive feature only available at Lexor, Auto-Fill™ allows technicians the freedom to start another client while finishing on their current client all without worries of overflow. With one simple touch, water fills to the sensor level, shuts off automatically, and activates Ecojet® whirlpool. Auto-Fill™ also works with disposable liners.

  8. Ecojet™ Magnetic Drive

    Designed to operate stronger, quieter, and cooler to withstand long hours of pampering customers with a sanitary pedicure, Ecojet® is UL listed and backed with U.S. Utility Patent RE46,655.

  9. Ecojet™ Disposable Liner

    Your clients will appreciate the extra care taken to bring them a more sanitary experience from using disposable liners.

  10. EcoAir™ Ventilation Ready

    Easily attach your salon ventilation system into pedi-spas and nail stations with the aesthetic and functional EcoAir™.