Receiving & Inspection

1. PLEASE TAKE NOTE! Thoroughly inspect each shipment immediately upon arrival. It is important that you notify the driver and insist on a notation of any damages. Make this notation directly on the freight company’s waybill or bill of lading. Failure to note any damage on the waybill or bill of lading may impede and/or prevent any claims that you may have against the freight carrier.

2. If missing parts or damage is found, please notify the carrier at once and request an inspection. DO NOT DISCARD THE SHIPPING BOX. If you give the carrier a clear receipt for goods that have been damaged in transit, you do so at your own risk and expense.

3. Out of the Box 1-2-3 Easy Setup

• Open box and remove Pedi-Spa
• Move Pedi-Spa cushion  to the upright position
• Plug power cord into electrical outlet

*Hot/Cold Water and drainage pipes must be assembled prior to proper use to ensure water flow and drainage. All plumbing must be done by a licensed plumber and according to State Regulations.
MOVING YOUR NEW SPA: Do not lift foot rest. Damage of foot rest due to wrong handling will not be covered under warranty. If you do not have a dolly to move your spa, you can push your spa by using 4pcs 10”x10” card-board, layed underneath the 4 rubber feet at the bottom of the spa.