About Lexor

About Us


Founded in 1997 and through its commitment to innovation, quality, and support, Lexor Inc. is today the largest pedicure spa corporation in the world with a drive to be your Key to Salon Success.

Our Mission


Our mission is to provide our customers with the most technologically advanced, innovatively designed, and highest quality pedicure spas in the market. The passion and attention our staff invests ensures the best customer support and product performance possible. We believe that through these pursuits we can achieve our commitment to growing the nail industry.

To achieve our mission, Lexor continuously concentrates on 3 key components:.


Lexor not only produces products but we cultivate people. Our company thrives on the support and teamwork of our staff. We are proud of our family­like company culture.


As a fast growing company, we are always innovating and making improvements to our products as well as developing unique features to help salons work smarter and not harder.


We are dedicated to helping our customers facilitate their business with quality products and providing them with the best customer service in the industry so that Salons can concentrate on their business.

Lexor has 13 LexorStore showrooms and service centers strategically located across North America to service the Nail Industry.